Connie E. Curry

Author, Freelance Writer, Motivational Speaker and Breast Cancer Survivor

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“But, your hair will grow back.”

Connie E. Curry endured this comment daily from her family and friends as her hair slowly grew a ½ inch a month.            

Give Me Back My Glory leads readers on a raw, yet therapeutic romp through her battle with breast cancer. From her diagnosis to reconstruction, readers will discover her fright but yet humor, and the importance of relationships with doctors, sometimes with surprising results.  Laugh when she shares about her daughter grabbing the cheap hair clippers and exclaiming, “Mom, this is for all the times you cut my bangs crooked.”

Over 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and most fear it and crave information beyond pamphlets or cold Internet data, as do their support givers. Give Me Back My Glory educates with laughter, tears and inspiration.  

Curry, having a background in the medical field, addresses diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, sexuality, weakness and courage in a wholesome yet realistic way. Give Me Back My Glory is particularly relevant to working moms; those struggling with midlife, menopause, parenting and marriage along with breast cancer.

As the recipient of the James Thurbor Humor Writing Contest, a columnist, working mother, and freelance writer, Curry hopes, through relating her raw and realistic experience, women will take charge of their life and their illness with a positive attitude thus speeding the healing of mind and body.


VIDEO EDUCATIONAL REPORT: About a breast cancer that is very uncommon, unknown but can be here to view.












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Connie: LOVED your book - hated to put it down & to get to the last page!! You surely are an inspiration to all women. Lori Bourassa, your "Connecticut Connection"

Connie, Your book is wonderful! It is so close to the story I would tell if I had a gift of words the way you do. Joyce—Oklahoma

Connie, I can't stop laughing, crying or reading since I started your book. It is wonderful. You did it baby. Jackie Blair----Radnor, Ohio

Hey Connie, I had to send you a note. My sister, Toni Kitchen, let me borrow her copy of your book. I started reading it this week and didn't want to put it down until I was finished. Fantastic work!!! I got angry with you; laughed my butt off; and cried rivers as I was reading it. All my best to you. Can't wait to read your next book.---Dawn Williams

Connie, I finished your book. I had to take some extra long lunch breaks this week because I got a lot of overtime on Monday. Many times it brought tears to my eyes, sometimes with your sadness and often with your triumphs. The third from the last line in your epilogue was really well placed and tied the whole book together. It made the book a celebration of survival. Take care,Pete----Georgia

Connie, I admire you! You are an inspiration to women everywhere! So glad we met!
Fondly, Tina---Michigan

Greetings--I received your book in the mail today. I haven't stopped reading--until now--because I can't see the words through my tears. Geeze, Connie, you surely touched this ole' gals heart. I'm humbled by your thoughts of an old English teacher and your writing brought all those good memories of our class back to me. Here I sit, trying to think of words to tell you just how much your words mean to me. Thank you. You've made my life more meaningful and complete. Mrs. L ---your 8th grade English Teacher ----Florida

Dear Connie,
I am writing to say thank you for your book Give Me Back My Glory. I do not believe that we have met but I feel like we have after reading your book. I am a pastor in Marion, Ohio. 
Your card says "Autobiography about breast cancer...laugh, cry and be educated." I experienced all of this and more as I shared the progress of your journey. When I finished the book, I looked in a mirror and my face was red with emotion. Sincerely, ,Dr. John Watson----Marion, Ohio